Your Vote, Your Voice

 Becky Hites

Oct 19, 2020


Last week I found myself in the grocery store parking lot with a new voter discussing why defunding the police, while catchy rhetoric, wasn’t going to accomplish her purpose of holding the police involved in the death of George Floyd responsible, and that as a citizen and a voter, she needed to think deeper about the consequences of the policies she was espousing.  Needless to say, she was excited about participating in the process for the first time. 


America is a great nation for empowering her citizens to be involved in the process of her governance.


The Founding Fathers felt so strongly about participatory government that they made the Congressional terms just 2 years long ensuring that your representatives are interacting with you almost continuously.


Elections are your opportunity to communicate your priorities about your community to your federal representatives. 


That’s why is so important for you to vote.


Whatever your politics, whatever your beliefs, whatever your age, whatever your socio-economic status.  This is YOUR country, which is governed by a representative government. 


Your vote is what holds it, and your leadership, accountable.


Obviously, I have a very strong opinion about how the results of this election should go and ask for your vote for me to improve the representation of GA’s District 13 in Congress.


It’s time for a change, for a new vision, for new energy, for connected representative government to come back to GA’s District 13.


We will work diligently to connect with you and to execute our constituents vision for our shared future.


Our constituent offices will be staffed with people who care about you and who will encourage you to be more involved in local, state and federal government.


Together – TOGETHER – We Will Deliver Better

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Share this post with your friends!