Who Am I?

Who I Am:  Child of God; Bible Believer; Business Woman; Wall Street Analyst; Daughter of the American Revolution; National Society United States Daughters Of 1812 (membership application pending-map); Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War (map); Army Brat; Supporter of Israel; Trumplican; Patriot

Why Am I Running?

My family has a heritage of defending the values of our country; we can trace multiple family lines back to the revolution (one of my relatives fought for George Washington, another provided food and the land in Valley Forge to billet the Continental Army for the winter of 1777-8, and another was imprisoned for 3 years on two ships-the Archer and Myrtle).  There’s a battle for the heart and soul of our country, and I believe that I have a duty to respond and step up to serve.

What Are My Values?

I Believe:

  • that this nation was founded on the bedrock of God’s law​
  • that capitalism is the economic structure that has facilitated the USA’s unique culture rewarding initiative and creativity​
  • in right and wrong and that laws need to be enforced equally across our population to protect and enable each of us​
  • in equal opportunity for all but not in guaranteed outcomes​
  • in accepting responsibility for one’s actions and that creating a baby, however inadvertently, potentially requires inconvenience to the mother’s life to protect the unborn’s right to live​
  • that unchecked power often turns into abuse and that the right to bear arms is fundamental to the balance of power​