We’re A Country Founded On The Rule Of Law; Adjustments Constitutionally Should Be Accomplished Through Civil Discourse And Negotiation

Becky E. Hites

April 6, 2020


Our laws are the agreed upon rules from a diverse population that govern our society.


Our country was created in an environment of debate and contention which resulted in a robust and inclusive constitution dedicated to “liberty and justice for all”. 


Our current culture has created an environment of intolerance and disrespect as well as fostering the idea that defying laws in “Spartacus” moments is an act of heroism. We all need to be nicer to others who don’t look and think like we do.  It’s ok to disagree but we need to be respectful and lawful in our expression of that disagreement.  There’s a process to debate and lobby for change and that’s not by hijacking other social platforms (education, sporting events, etc.), bullying those who don’t look like us or agree with us into fear and silence (shouting “go back home” to our great diverse population, lack of free speech in so-called college “safe zones”, etc.) or outright illegal activity (throwing concrete in people’s faces a la Antifa, burning or keying cars as during the inauguration, trolling other’s social events as recently happened at the MAGA DC Christmas event at The Willard, etc.).


Our founding fathers disagreed about much but remained civil in their discourse.  We must find a way to re-establish this type of communication despite our differences.  We need less grandstanding and more lawmaking from our legislators.


It’s the job of Congress to construct laws through the process of compromise that recognizes and accommodates the priorities of 50 diverse states and 331 million diverse people.


Our founding fathers were brilliant in the structure that they developed that allowed every geography in the country to have a voice (through representatives from state determined districts based on population) balanced by equal representation between the states by the two senators allowed in the opposite chamber of the house.


Our House of Representatives has become dysfunctional, focused on grandstanding and drafting vanity proposals crafted to make a political point rather than any attempt to create actual law that would serve the interests of their district’s citizens.


We need to elect real people focused on resolving real issues through the tough work of developing compromises accommodating the desires of the majority of the people and the diversity of our population instead of promoting social projects in line with ideologies not reflective of the country’s citizens.


We need the Congress to take back its authority from the courts that have been “forced” to step in to craft resolutions to the confusion that comes from a Congress that refuses to do its job dealing with tough issues and decisions.  We need to enforce compliance with the rules of the Congress and the laws of the land.  Not change the rules anytime there’s a majority circumventing the protections of the minority.  Not abuse the laws in the favor of a political objective. Not assassinate the character of good people by asserting informal accusations that don’t measure up to the legal requirement of sufficient proof of wrong doing.  Let’s get back to the rule of law that is equal for all, rather than shifting sands that mutate with changes of power.

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