Too Weak To Lead

 Becky Hites

Sept 21, 2020


David Scott is too weak to lead the 13th Congressional District of Georgia, too weak to bring the District together, too weak to bring business to the District, too weak to support law enforcement, too weak to speak out against mob violence, too weak to promote and get passed meaningful legislation, too weak to protect the unborn, too weak to give children better school choices, too weak to protect America’s future.


He’s stuck in the 1980’s still fighting battles that have already been won.


Washington, DC is full of politicians who have been there for decades with no apparently solutions to the very serious challenges facing our nations.  They wreaked our free market health care system to fulfill their socialist desires and made it unaffordable for most “normal” people.  They refuse to fix our broken immigration system again because we can’t afford the socialist solution they want which include a guarantee to include, free health care, free food, free education for all, etc.  They (current administration included) refuse to live within their means and every year outspend what they take in. 


We need smaller government, focused on creating platforms and programs that benefit our citizens over outsiders.


We need an education system focused on teaching our nation’s great history of accomplishment, our nation’s great compassion of freedom to all (including outlawing slavery and the open systematic discrimination against any of our citizens), reading, writing and arithmetic including a path to learning any number productive trade skills in order to take their place as contributing members to our society.


We need a government that recognizes that there is inherent risk in life and it’s not the government’s responsibility to make those determinations for us, but to empower its citizens for self government and cognitive decision making. 


We are NOT SHEEP that need to be told what to believe, what to feel, what to believe in and how our life decisions should be made.


Our Founding Fathers crafted a system that unites our people into common goals, while minimizing the authoritarian control that others in power often wish to exert.


David Scott is a follower.  He votes with the majority and has never crafted legislation for the benefit of our district that can actually gain enough support in the House to be passed into law. 


He’s NOT a problem solver and he’s too weak to champion the future growth of the 13th Congressional District of Georgia, the State of Georgia and the Country, and he’s too weak to be my representative.


Andrew Young was a strong leader for our city from 1982-1990, but his time has past.  And so has David Scott’s.  You deserve a strong leader who will fight for your rights, for your liberty, and the future of your children.

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