Becky Hites

Oct 26, 2020


What does that word mean, really?  The typical political rhetoric that “I will represent all the people when elected?”  We all know that’s not true.  What most politicians mean is that they believe their vision is the best for everyone and you should be thankful they came along to save you from your uninformed positions.


I’m a pretty defined person.  I hold strong beliefs and live my life according to those values mostly defined by God’s Word.  HOWEVER, for the most part, the world I’ve worked in on Wall Street doesn’t share those values and I’ve made it a practice to “get out of myself” and make sure I have people in my life who don’t think like me.  “Drinking the Kool-Aid” is an often used phrase in our household and I believe to be effective in my work I need the input of multiple life views.


Together to me doesn’t mean “I win and you lose” or “you win and I lose”, it means we craft a solution that works for both of us.


Yesterday in church, the guest speaker representing international missions spoke about making visitors from other countries welcome.  Meeting them half way, providing materials in their language, understanding the differences in their culture from ours and making the effort to bridge the gap.  I’ve traveled all around the world and spent my elementary school years in Bavaria.  My parents believed you should immerse yourself into the culture and connect with the community so I took ballet on the German market; it’s all in French anyway, right?  I remember a dozen years ago on a tour of Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s Mausoleum in China getting so excited when I recognized the symbol for American. 

Yesterday, I got convicted listening to the preacher that it will be my responsibility as your representative should y’all elect me to make EVERYONE feel welcome and connected.


When I visited South Africa for the first time 18 years ago, I went with my missionary friends to a village that didn’t have electricity or running water located in the extreme northern border of the country.  The people in the village had never seen a white woman; the kids kept peaking around corners, shrieking and running away.  It was a very intimidating experience for me.  I was the key to what they would associate white women with for the rest of their lives.  At the village’s request, we ended up touring the school and represented the USA to those children.


I am not your typical politician.  I am not your typical Republican.  I am committed to truly representing EVERY SINGLE constituent in my district. 


Does that mean I’ll do whatever you want?  Probably not.  But I will listen and earnestly seek to develop policy that takes your position into consideration.  I’ve already warned all of my conservative friends that I will very likely sign onto laws that they won’t like and will criticize my participation. 


That’s the definition of compromise.  When real solutions need to be developed for real people with differing priorities, the final resolution won’t be anyone’s first preference.  But it will be good law that both sides can accept and create a more stable, and functioning, society.


 A lot of our issues with our lawmakers in DC is that they just fight with each other and don’t get anything done.  It’s an “I have to win completely, dominate over you and rub your nose in it” philosophy.  That’s great for the ego, but not so good for the citizenry.


I have to answer to our Creator for how I treat these citizens of our country with whom He endowed  inalienable rights.  I can’t just dismiss the positions and beliefs I don’t like.  I’m committed to striving to do right by everyone.


Together.  Only together can we create a society that works for all of us.  Please vote for me, and join us as we fight for a better life for you, for your children, and your grandchildren.

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