Taking A Stand To Defend The Future Of Our County

 Becky Hites

Aug 17, 2020


It’s time to take a stand for the future of the Country!  This is a vastly different year due to COVID and ongoing violence in this country by anarchists with no push back at all from Democratic leadership to stop it.


Defund the Police by Democratic leadership is the national rally cry and members around the country (David Scott included) will not go on the record to publicly voice against defunding the police.


Voters, especially Democrat voters are going to be more critical of who will promote more jobs, who will put more money in their pocket, who will provide more employment choices, secure the nation, give better school choices and protect their children.  It is not the Democratic Party of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi and David Scott.


All of them want to raise your taxes, destroy education choices, and increase unemployment due to jobs going back overseas.


You will see businesses closing again due to high taxes and increased regulations.  Under their rule you will see further infrastructure decay, higher energy costs, higher poverty in general, more welfare, more crime, more loss of freedom.  I will not even mention the open border issue that is another set of problems that will destroy this country.  


Democratic policies are bad for the Country.  We are tired of our cities being burned and our children being killed and our safety being in question all while Democrats stay silent almost as co- conspirators condoning the activity, blaming everyone but themselves for the mayhem.


We must elect people that will fight to bring the entire District and the country together, not divide us. We must elect people who will build a strong foundation for America, not tear it apart as we see going on today.


The Democratic party is a party of lies and deception. For too long, Democrats have promised everything and delivered nothing.  Look around.  While President Trump has done more for the black community than any other President.  What have the Democrats done?  The Democrats have become nothing but obstructionists.  The Democratic leadership is complacent around the country and is party to tearing this country’s cities apart in the hope it would hurt President Trump.  All it did was hurt and tear the country apart. David Scott, by his silence and lack of leadership, is a co-conspirator in these failed policies, which could be forced on all of us if they are elected.


It’s time to send a clear signal that WE WILL NOT SURRENDER AMERICA, HER HISTORY, OR HER FUTURE to the Left wing, socialist progressive radicals of the Democratic Party.


Elect Becky E. Hites for Congress on November 3, 2020.

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