Success Is A Process That Isn’t Easy Or Guaranteed

 Becky Hites

May 25, 2020

A successful business requires providing a product or service that someone values enough to give you their money, it requires identifying and selling the idea of the product to an audience (your customers), it requires a balance of producing the product (what you’re selling) and the “back office” legal and accounting support (running the business), while dealing with the inevitable roadblocks.

The success of my campaign for Congress requires me to develop a relationship with the citizens of District 13 and convince y’all that I’ll be a better advocate for your priorities in Washington, DC than your current representative or other candidates on the ballot, that I’ll be trustworthy and effective in moving our agenda forward, that we have a shared vision and that I have the skill set, the personality, the energy and the desire to overcome the inevitable barriers that will come up to accomplish our goals.

Issues that I believe are of importance to my fellow citizens in GA’s 13th District include:

  • Removing restrictions in order to allow our economy to fully re-open and let people get back to work at previous levels, including small business owners like barber shops and hair salons, restaurants and bars, malls and antique stores, etc. Identifying and implementing tools that facilitate these re-openings and removing arbitrary restrictions that are restricting revenue while increasing costs.  Supporting our fundamental industries like the airlines, banks and other core infrastructure activities critical to our communities.


  • Oversight of federal government “assistance” programs to ensure that they are available and “real” to our constituents, i.e. making sure that banks are offering programs that actually assist with mortgage payment deferrals adding the balance to the loan rather than requiring impossible balloon payments before cash flows have been restored, making sure core industries are getting the support they need to survive these devastating circumstances, suspension of the payroll tax until the economy (which was disrupted by an overreaching government in my opinion) is restored, a Fair Tax system rather than our current failed structure, a small business assistance program that is actually available to the small businesses in our communities rather than large corporate chains and a process for gathering intelligence from the district’s businesses – large and small – in order to craft federal laws that work for us rather than against our interests.


  • Law enforcement that’s focused on our mutual protection and is connected to our communities with mutual respect. In addition, we MUST HAVE accountability within the force that calls out and punishes bad actors.


  • The security of our communities with accommodation for freedom of speech and the ability to express discontent when our governance fails, but in an orderly fashion that doesn’t allow random destruction.


  • Fair, impartial and equal application of the law.


  • Developing interactive mechanisms within our communities for feedback identifying where regulations are prohibitive and not the “will of the people”.


  • Reduce government involvement where appropriate while developing policies that empower the community rather than suppressing the rights of our citizens.


  • Put our citizens and veterans interests first when it comes to budgeting priorities and resource allocation.


  • Provide oversight of veterans programs in the district and REQUIRE any neglect or substandard service be remedied.


  • Prioritize community oriented federal regulations focused on eliminating slave labor, sex trafficking, and opioid abuse.


  • Push to restore a workable, market-based health care system. (This is a particular personal peeve as my insurance plans have been eliminated almost every year due to government interference causing the unintended consequence of my providers changing their offered coverage options.  I’m using a health share program now and was THRILLED when the Congress at least removed the requirement of me purchasing a service that provided no benefit to me and cost more money than I could afford to pay.)


  • Demand health care price transparency for prescriptions and procedures, bringing light and disclosure to eliminate back room deals that get made in favor of the industry at the expense of the district’s citizens.


  • Increase constituent participation in the education system to ensure federal and state laws are being observed including starting the day with the pledge of allegiance, full disclosure of reading lists to parents, removal of pornographic materials from children’s libraries and on-line resources, allow parents access to on-line resources, and ensuring that teachers are maintaining non-partisan, agenda neutral, learning environments for our children.


  • Development of and increased accountability for the materials being taught in our schools including the repeal of common core (which has been a disaster in my opinion), shifting the emphasis to life usable topics and skills, teaching history and unbiased science (including creationism and disclosure of the theoretical nature of theories now being taught as fact), and work with local business to get them more engaged with STEM programs introducing our young people to industry at a very young age (even kindergarten).


  • Provide support to state resources to ensure our schools are properly funded and have appropriate plans in place to support fully accredited scholastic programs.


  • Work with the Department of Education to challenge and support the district’s colleges adding skills based programs and degrees.


  • Engage with the business development teams in the district’s cities and counties to identify and pursue potential new business to locate in the district.


  • Establish protections for our elderly population that they will never more be prohibited from having their families visit them and participate in their health care decisions.


  • Be a strong voice against any attack on our second amendment right to bear arms.


  • Advocate and lobby to protect life from conception, religious adoptions, religious community outreach programs, and religious and civic programs supporting our families.


  • Object strenuously to any federal funding of any life ending procedures.


  • Stop spending money we don’t have. We need to balance the budget.  (This objective just got a lot tougher because the government literally stepped in and stopped everyone’s income and the recovery from that draconian action is going to potentially be extended and for sure is going to be expensive.)


  • Fix the broken immigration system. Close our borders and develop a program structure that is workable, accountable and politically neutral.


  • Be responsive to our citizen. The budget allowing, we intend to have a district office in each of the 6 counties in our district, that will be staffed and open to walk in traffic.  We intend to be available and accessible with a focus on how we can remove barriers and obstacles to our citizens’ right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

This is my vision: that government should work FOR THE PEOPLE, not AGAINST THE PEOPLE, and that the district leadership should have its sleeves rolled up fighting for and with you rather than a lack of commitment that currently doesn’t even include residing in the district.

Please join my team and vote for me on June 9.  I plan to bring change to the district.  I plan to empower Republican Pride and bring back conservative governance to the counties in the district where it’s missing.

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