Promises Made, Promises Kept

Becky E. Hites

March 30, 2020


As your legislator if I’m honored with your trust to become your Representative,


I will make a commitment every day of my public service to educate myself on my constituents’ priorities and to propose legislation and develop support within the Congress to move these resolutions into law. 


I won’t propose “feel good” bills that condescend to the citizens of either political party but will work with all of my energy to develop workable solutions to the problems and issues that confront the constituents of District #13.


As a conservative Christian woman, many of my friends who don’t share my political beliefs ask me how I can continue to support our President given their perception of the distastefulness of his methods of getting things done and the media’s claims of his lack of morality.  I get accused of being one of his deplorables who would support him even if “he killed someone on Fifth Avenue.”  First, that’s not true.  The rule of law is paramount in my life.  Second, this country’s legal foundation is innocent until proven guilty not guilt by accusation.  That principal protects us all.  Third, I have never seen such animosity and abuse of power against a sitting president, and his supporters.  My support comes from the policies that President Trump has facilitated that have improved my life personally.  Following is my personal list of “Promises Made, Promises Kept” in order of my ranking of importance to me personally:


Presidential Promises Made, Promises Kept


  • Rebuilding and properly funding the military
  • Increased and stabilized military retiree pensions
  • Moved the American Embassy to Jerusalem as enacted by US law in 1995
  • Restored the honor of the flag by pushing back on the offensive NFL kneeling campaign
  • Reset the Judiciary with constitutionalists restoring our heritage of equal and impartial justice- Supreme Court Justices Gorsuch & Kavanaugh, nominated and confirmed 28% Federal appeals court judges (50 of 179); 17% Federal district court judges (112 of 677) as of March 2020
  • Bought home American hostages-personally engaged-and continues to work on getting all US citizens held abroad released and returned
  • Brought home our war heroes from North Korea
  • Enforcing border security including building a wall where appropriate
  • Fighting to eradicate human trafficking and put coyotes out of business
  • Exposing the deep state-abuse of power at the FBI and State Department
  • Criminal justice reform which is reducing violent crime
  • VA choice on health care and accountability for poor job performance
  • Record number of regulations eliminated-for every new regulation, 22 have been cancelled or removed, according to the VP
  • Removed illegal requirement to purchase expensive ineffective health insurance
  • Withdrew from the Trans Pacific Partnership (trade deal)
  • Exited the Paris Climate Accord
  • Withdrew from the Iran Nuclear Deal
  • Renegotiated NAFTA
  • Requiring the NATO allies to pay the agreed upon amount of their economies
  • Responded decisively to Syria chemical bombing
  • Mobilized administration to fight opioid epidemic
  • Reduced regulations allowing the US to become energy independent
  • Lower prescription drug prices
  • Tax repatriation bringing corporate funds back to the US
  • Simplified the tax code – reducing the need for accountant review


Before the recent coronavirus pandemic:

  • 5 million Americans has been lifted out of poverty
  • A record 158 million Americans were working with 7 million jobs created; unemployment was the lowest in many if not all categories
  • Largest wage growth in nearly a decade
  • Mortgage applications were at a 7-year high
  • Added $10 trillion to the value of the economy


In response to the coronavirus infection in the USA:

  • Moved aggressively to insure liquidity in our banking system
  • Has coordinated with the private sector to shift manufacturing to production of required equipment needed to confront the supply strain caused by the pandemic
  • Is attempting to make whole the businesses and citizens disrupted by the mandated social distancing
  • Has been more than responsive holding daily briefings with the team selected to combat the virus and its effect on our economy and citizenry


Our family had a rule that required honesty and transparency.  Mother used “We’ll see” when she wasn’t sure she’d be able to commit. 


My word of honor to you my potential constituents is that I will never knowingly promise to do something that I may not be able to deliver on.  I will promise to do everything in my power to deliver the best results possible for GA’s District #13 and my fellow citizens.

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