Judicial Abuse Against US Citizens For Political Purposes

Becky E. Hites

June 29, 2020


The judicial power of the United States shall not be construed to extend to any suit in law or equity, commenced or prosecuted against one of the United States by Citizens of another State… Amendment XI to the Constitution of the United States.


Innocent until proven guilty.  That’s the law of our land.


Why was the pardon of Roger Stone not an abuse of power?  Why did AG Barr insist on the dismissal of the case against General Flynn?  Why was Sheriff Arpaio pardoned for criminal contempt of court despite a jury verdict finding him guilty?  Were they “innocent” of the charges?  Or when is being found guilty of the law not deserving of the corresponding punishment?


Abuse of power by the federal government is strictly prohibited by the Constitution.


We extend great powers of investigation to our law enforcement officers including the FBI and Legislative Branch of our government.  In return, we expect them to respect the law and the process.  The senior levels of the FBI and the FISA courts apparently have been severely lacking in oversight allowing for great abuse of their power.  The local liberal prosecutors have stretched the law to the limit and beyond to target and prosecute/persecute those associated with a political leader they dislike.


We have to balance the protection of our nation with the protection of our citizens.  Particularly when those powers are abused specifically for political purposes.


Why was there such outrage from the conservatives on how Justice Kavanaugh was treated during his confirmation hearings?  The questioning from those senators against his appointment were not only intrusive, inappropriate, and included accusations that were intended to ruin the life of the man who had until then served with honor and dignity.  “I don’t know when, or where, or who else was there, but FOR SURE, it was HIM!!!”  It was outrageous, and unsubstantiated.  One of the pile-on accusers ultimately admitted she made it up because she didn’t like the fact that Donald Trump had been elected and didn’t want a pro-life Justice appointed to the court.

The government and legal establishment don’t have unlimited authority to use the system for their personal purposes.

There’s a very apparent double standard when it comes to “pursuing justice” in our country right now.  If the liberal agenda fits with the life values of those doing the prosecuting, somehow the case never gets made, and if the conservative agenda doesn’t fit with the life values of those doing the prosecuting, somehow the case gets made without the required evidence of any wrong doing. 

It’s a case of justice by intimidation and bullying, and it’s not right.

The current outcry against the overenforcement against the more vulnerable citizens of our country is spot on.  We need to root out injustice from the system wherever it is found.

Justice is blind, and it should be applied equally without regard to social stature, religion or creed, skin color or life philosopy.

The enforcers of our laws are called to the highest standard and must be unbiased.  Furthermore, the system needs to have checks and balances to ensure equal treatment under the law.  To the extent that the system is failing anyone in our society, it should be improved to remove the shortcoming.

The authority of law comes from God, and our Constitution.  That’s the solid foundation that underpins our society.


With liberty and justice for all.

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