Inalienable Rights

 Becky Hites

June 15, 2020


Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are identified in the Unites States Constitution as inalienable rights.  What does that actually mean?


The Constitution goes on to define it for us so there’s no question what our Founding Fathers meant – “endowed by their Creator”, “truths that are self-evident”, “that all men are created equal”.


These rights do NOT come from our leaders.  They do not come from us.  They do not come from us giving our leaders permission to give them to us.




We can submit to an assumed authority and give up our rights, but as Americans, we should CHOOSE TO REFUSE to conform to dictates that exceed government’s authority to enact.  Furthermore, we MUST INSIST on enforcement of duly passed laws that govern our society and support our law enforcement.


Rules (that are dictated under state of emergency provisions that aren’t actually laws and are imposed under questionable authority) that say we can’t operate our businesses which are necessary to our lives.  Rules (without clear authority to be imposed on us that we’re told are being created for the “best interest of society”) that say we can’t leave our houses to go about our daily routines, which infringe on our liberty.  Who gets to say what’s in the best interest of my pursuit of happiness?  The Constitution says I’m the only one who gets to decide that for me.  Rules (purported to be made with the backing of science, but that have changed more than once and seem pretty politically motivated to me) to wear masks which infringe on our liberty.


I was privileged last weekend at a 2nd Amendment Rally to listen to a constitutional lawyer, Mrs. KrisAnne Hall, who’s tag line is “Get Informed – Get Equipped – Get Inspired.”  I’ve purchased her books and suggest you do the same.


A Sam Adams quote on her website asserts “No people will tamely surrender their Liberties…” but that’s just what we’ve seen our citizens do over the past few months.  It’s very, VERY DANGEROUS, because where does it stop?  If I allow my government to take my rights away for this particular “disaster”, what’s to keep it from doing it whenever it wants citing its “authority” to do so, based on its previous action?


Freedom of Speech – even when it’s speech I don’t happen to like – MUST be protected, because if I can stop someone else’s speech, then someone else can stop mine.  Freedom of Religion – why do we tolerate outright heresy against God in our society?  Because many of us migrated away from countries that literally tortured and killed those who promulgated the Biblical truths that we believe and cherish and we don’t cede that power to the government of our great county.  Does Freedom of Religion mean we should adopt Sharia Law in the USA?  ABSOLUTELY NOT.  Our laws regulate our society; not our church teachings.  We fought for that – separation of church and state.  Does that mean that religious people shouldn’t be allowed to participate in the formation of our laws?  Of course not.  It means that “Government” shouldn’t dictate what people believe, and it doesn’t have the moral authority to force people to do things that go against their religious teachings because of our rights granted by our Creator – inalienable rights.


What does this mean to us – you – right now?  As Americans, our participation in the development of our laws comes from our right to vote and our right to make our positions known to our legislative leadership.


My ancestors got involved in wars that weren’t impacting their geography because they saw the greater cause of liberty and stood up to protect the erosion of the rights of their neighbors.


I’m running for Congress because I believe that our current representative for the district has his own agenda and isn’t serving our citizenry.  Socialism is an economic disaster.  If you value your rights, if you value your life, if you value your liberty, you must at the very least vote against those taking us in that direction.


If you truly love this country and all it stands for, you should get involved…by attending town halls, by engaging with your leadership and holding them accountable, by engaging with your neighbors and creating a grassroots “wall” that refuses to accept the anarchy that is being forced on us all and threatens our safety, stability and economic system.


I will bring our community together, and not divide us.  Your concerns will be my concerns.  We will run a campaign of unity and real solutions, not empty promises and band-aid rhetoric that promises pie-in-the-sky results that aren’t feasible or real.  People want hope, and truth.  I will be that hope.


What have the Democrats done for you?  Division and just enough to keep you voting for them.  Nothing more and nothing less.  It’s time we brought our District and our Nation together.  Not divided it.


A New Hope.  I’ll be that faithful warrior who is willing to engage in the battle required to bring true change.

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