Ensuring The Right To A Safe Community

 Becky Hites

Aug 31, 2020


When members of Congress need Police protection to leave the White House because of a gauntlet of crazed leftist agitators and the Democratic members of Congress are silent on the subject, it speaks volumes.  David Scott isn’t interested in safety and security or condemning the lawlessness of protestors.


The right of having your voice heard stops when your actions threaten the safety of others.  The socialists want to demand we stay 6 feet away from each other for “health safety”.  I want to empower law enforcement to make our streets safe again through arresting agitators and fining them when they break the law.


I think emptying our prisons by releasing lawbreakers to terrorize our communities is an unacceptable breach of governance and the leaders who enacted these policies should be replaced.  It’s a third world country strategy of dictators and I hold the Democratic leadership in those cities responsible.


We need to be standing with law enforcement and enabling them to do their jobs.  We need to hold lawbreakers accountable.  Job 1 of law enforcement is to contain the situation.


Even in my military family in very controlled situations my father taught us not to fight back at the scene but to do as we were told and that the injustice if there was injustice would be resolved at the next step, not on the streets.  I was the victim of police overreach but the courts were the mechanism for fighting back, not on I-20 where I had been terrorized by his aggressive driving.  We need our communities to be safe, and for that we need our law enforcement.


We’ve started a Back the Blue initiative with yard signs to express our support of our brave men and women who sacrifice time with their families and put their lives on the line every day to keep us safe.


Praise God in America we’ve moved past the Wild Wild West where we needed a gun hand at every ranch for security.  Don’t be duped into thinking that anarchy is preferable.


Stand up for your rights for security as guaranteed in the Constitution. Insist that your representatives represent you.


Vote Becky E. Hites for Congress on November 3, 2020.

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Share this post with your friends!