Church & State

Becky E. Hites

July 6, 2020


I met a constituent in Michael’s a few weeks ago and after giving him my palm card as he walked away, he came back to me in the store and asked me what I thought the role of religion should be in government.  I told him that I was a Christian so religion and God were central to my life, but that as a representative for my constituents in DC, it would be my responsibility to keep government out of it (which fits well with my smaller government ideology).  I believe that legislation is made better for having Godly people involved in the process but our Constitution makes it clear that there should be no government establishment of, oversight of or prohibition of religion.


The first amendment to our Constitution solidified two things into the foundation of our country:  1.  The government may not establish any national religion and 2. The government may not prohibit or interfere with any practice of religion.


So basically, the government needs to stay out of it.  That’s not to say that people in government shouldn’t be religious or that religious principles need to be eschewed from the law.  The government needs to stay neutral and let the people decide what’s best for them in their individual pursuit of “life, liberty and … happiness.”


I believe that life is precious and a gift from God that needs to be defended and protected.  I believe that individuals are responsible for the consequences of their actions.  I believe that our older citizens should be honored and shouldn’t be separated from their family members under the guise of “protecting” them like is happening currently due to the pandemic.  I believe that families are foundational to our society and that hospitals shouldn’t be limiting access to loved ones, as is the current policy, no matter what the reasoning and justification, if the family member agrees to comply with the suggested protocol for health interaction within the facility. 


Our family will nurse our loved ones in our home rather than seek professional help at a hospital if it requires us to be separated.


When I’m in DC, I will seek out opportunities to either limit government’s involvement completely, or lobby for policies that respect Christian family values.


Last weekend I was honored to attend a church in Hampton, GA that included singing and Christian fellowship.  For those who were concerned with becoming ill, facemasks were encouraged but for those of us who believe that Covid is a severe strain of flu and chose to protect ourselves through keeping our distance and endlessly washing our hands, our decision was also acceptable.  There was no peer pressure shaming.


Christian liberties should be honored and individual churches should be permitted to establish their own policies reflecting the risk tolerance of their members.


The government does NOT have the authority to dictate its will on God’s church.


I have become increasingly concerned at the encroachment of legislation over the past several decades on matters that directly impact God’s people and our commitment to following God’s law.  I was pleased with the recent Supreme Court ruling that the health care requirements that violated the sanctity of life were unconstitutional with regard to employees of church entities. 


I’m appalled that the senate allows litmus tests that demonize religious beliefs in the approval process for the executive and judicial branch appointments.  I believe that in addition to being indecent, it’s unconstitutional and violates the civil rights of Christians.  They wouldn’t dream of questioning anyone else’s belief system but apparently, any abuse is ok if it’s directed at Christians and Christian beliefs.


I find it an overreach to deny adoption agencies the right to exist when Christian principles are honored and obeyed. 


Cutting funding to private schools that honor God’s teachings while funding agencies that kill our unborn is distinctly unjust.  The public school system has failed us for decades (my parents removed me in 1977 because I wasn’t taught a single thing in my 6th grade year except how to survive in an inner city Augusta, GA school) and the teacher’s unions apparently don’t have any interest in or ability to improve it, which has led to the growth in the School Choice program.


While serving in Congress, I will do everything in my power to ensure that Christians and Christian entities are protected and not persecuted by unjust laws.


I will also do everything in my power to ensure that our education system is serving the interest of our citizens, meaning teaching our children to read and write and think cognitively rather than the current agenda of propaganda and radicalization.


I believe in the power of prayer and cherish those who have, and continue to, pray for me and the outcome of this election.  Joshua 10:14 says “and there was no day like that before it or after it, that the Lord hearkened unto the voice of a man: for the Lord fought for Israel.”  It’s my prayer that God will once again hearken unto our voice and will fight for our country, to return it to its Christian roots, restore morality and a sense of honor and pride in hard work.


If I am honored to be your representative in Congress, I will strive to write laws that encourage and reward contributing members of our society to expand our gates, rather than crafting legislation that continues the cycle of control and poverty.

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