All Life Is Precious And Should Be Protected

Becky E. Hites

April 13, 2020


Man was created in God’s image and all life is to be protected.  Psalm 139 teaches us that life begins at conception. 


I support Georgia’s Heartbeat Bill (at about 22 days after conception) 100% and will always do everything in my power to protect the unborn.


I applaud the balance brought back to the Supreme Court with the appointment of Constitutionalist judges that has allowed more than one southern state to pass related legislation representing our citizens’ beliefs on this matter, rather than our views being dismissed as ignorant and irrelevant by more liberal states and justices. 


The citizens on the coasts should not be allowed dictate the life values of the southern and heartland states.  In many instances, our life contentment is higher, our marriages are stronger and our families are more stable.  Hollywood and its liberal agenda should not be permitted to dictate the principals of our lives. 


The scientific community has disclosed that babies feel pain at 8 weeks.  It’s unconscionable that our laws don’t protect them. 


As a society, we are more compassionate to our pets than to our unborn children.  That MUST change.


We are also more compassionate to our pets than to our elderly.


The recent pandemic exposed unfortunate realities at our assisted living homes and hospitals when family members were prohibited from accompanying their loved ones and assisting in family health decisions under the banner of “protecting the communities’ health”.  “Elective” surgeries were cancelled entirely leaving those with heart issues and internal organ issues and life threatening issues due to cancer and other aggressive afflictions to suffer and in some cases die because they weren’t a high enough priority.  Covid patients were mixed with non-covid high risk populations that in some instances decimated these populations. 


These behaviors are UNACCEPTABLE and the laws need to be changed to add protections of life at every stage of life.

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Share this post with your friends!